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Maintain the Flame with Keith Collins

Nov 19, 2020

As followers of Jesus Christ, it is imperative that we remember the wondrous works of our God. These works are clear throughout the history of Israel and the Church. Join me this week on my "Maintain the Flame" podcast as I share an important message entitled, "Remembering the Wonders of Knowing the Lord." Prepare to...

Nov 12, 2020

Our culture is degenerating quickly. Basic truths that once guided us and kept us on course regarding politics, education, religion, family, etc., have been attacked as antiquated, non-relevant, bigoted, etc. We need a revolution of truth! Join me this week on my "Maintain the Flame" podcast as I share some important...

Nov 5, 2020

We are living in challenging times in America and beyond. There are multiple voices speaking out, but where is the voice of the church? Join me this week on my Maintain the Flame podcast as I share from my heart about "Understanding Our Role as The Church." Prepare to be encouraged and stirred by what you will hear!